can't save the world but...

I can't save the world, can't cure diseases 
but now I know that I can make someone's life a wee bit happier 
and that's enough to me to keep on making and being a maker.

One of my customer kindly made the time to write this massage for me 
and it says...

I just wanted to say, after using your teapot and cup for a couple weeks now, it's my all-time favorite. I have perhaps a dozen or more teapots, some from Japan, and some whimsical ones from Yixing in China that I've collected over the years. Some are mainly for display, but I'm always looking, it seems, for the "perfect" teapot. I don't know how I would define "perfect" since we know that nothing that exists is perfect, but I think this one, that purchased from you, very closely fits my intuitive definition of perfect.
The proportions are very pleasing, the placement and size of the spout keep bringing my eye back to the teapot. The lid and even the inside rim of the pot is something that draws the eye to it. When I'm sitting down drinking from the cup, it's almost like looking into a bowl of stars and planets. And it fits very well into my hand, and even though the tea is warm, the clay/glaze gives off a general coolness to the skin.
I hope this doesn't embarrass you. I just had to write because I'm so taken with these two pieces. They're very calming and I look forward to my afternoon tea now more than ever.