more new pieces


  1. Hi! These pieces are fabulous!!
    Can I ask you the recipe of teapots's glaze?
    I'm interested in pottery and I also have a blog about it!
    [ http://samoblg.blogspot.it ]
    Thank you very much!

    ps: sorry for my bad english!

  2. Hi Sara

    Thanks :)

    I use very basic white mat glaze for most of my pottery
    but I apply 'coloured slip' underneath the glaze because I found it gives more 'depth' to the piece.

    and also I mix 'black mica' into the clays to get the 'speckle' and fire them with gas kiln in reduction.
    So the finish is created by combination of lots of things, not just glaze.

    Have a try with the combination of 'coloured slip' and glazes you like :)

  3. Thanks for your advice! I glazed my pieces in the workshop of my master in Rome, so i have no personal glazes but i'd like to produce them myself.
    I'll follow your advice!