have a sweet tooth?

I used to bake cakes and biscuits a lot but don't really now.
(yeah I do admit that I am fickle..)
I still would like to make them but now I prefer eating them.

(はい、認めます。私、凝り性の飽き性なんです… )

cupcakes, doughnuts and biscuits...
I can make anything. (I think)
but they are not made out of flours and sugar.
They are actually made out of polymer clay and sealing silicon.
They are paper weights!!


Making sweets with polymer clay and sealing silicon has been quite popular in Japan.

I even made jewellery with the clay and silicon haha.
ペーパーウェイトだけでは飽き足らず、アクセサリーも作りました 笑。


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